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JH Artwork

Writing Exchange 2006-2018

This blog was created to display some of the powerful writing being done by incarcerated youth. Participants currently include juvenile hall facilities in Siskiyou, El Dorado, Placer, Fresno, and Butte County. Students are given journal topics and asked to write what needs to be written. Several entries are handpicked from each classroom site and posted to the blog anonymously. Students at each site then read the material together, discussing the writing and connecting with others.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exchange #1 October 2008


Journal #1
An Innocent Young Man
A young boy that is sad because he is
Looking for his mom that left him when he was six
On my first day of school I was scared.
To comfort me, my mom wasn’t there for me.
An innocent young man locked down.
I find myself locked up in a cage.
An innocent teenager that committed a crime
Will I forget the bad things when I was a young man?
I go to my High School
And meet a counselor.
I learn about how to turn my life around.
Now comes the time that can prove that I changed.

Journal #2
An Innocent Angry Kid
A young, angry kid lost in the struggle.
Looking for guys who killed my mother and father
On my first day of school I got kicked out.
To comfort me, no one but the drugs I did.
An innocent, angry kid that didn’t listen
I find myself kicked out of my home and on the streets for 8 months.
An innocent, angry kid raised by a ‘hood.
Will I forget where I came from and when I started hurting people?
I go to ************
And meet a kid named David.
I learn about drugs, gangs, and hurting people.
Now comes the time for me to just stop caring.

Journal #3
If you really knew me you would know I hate drugs,
But I have been around them my entire life. I know the people who will do anything to get high. When I did coke, it was rolled up in a joint. I took two hits.
They always ask, but I say no.
My parents used to sell for money. My cousin went to prison for selling dope.
For a few days, I saw white stuff in a plastic bag in the motor home.
He said it was salt for beer. It was salt.

Journal #4
An innocent white girl
With a young untaught mind
Looking for a love
Anywhere of any kind
I put on a mask on the first day of school
I want to be perfect
I try to be cool
I look for friends
To comfort me
I try so hard to hide the troubles
That people put on me
But it always seemed to double
It got harder to carry
A sweet innocent child
Who was sweet and cute one day
Then the next went wild
And threw her life away
I go to sleep at night
With thoughts of how life could be
With friends and people all around
And a family that loves me
I get locked up and get a chance
To change and learn about me
I know I will be sober and fun
When the real test comes and I am free

Journal #5
If you really knew me you would know I have a destructive temper.
If you really knew me you would know 80% of my family thinks I am a monster.
If you really knew me you would know I try to control it.
If you really knew me you would know I often fail.
If you really knew me you would know my room is full of holes.
If you really knew me you would know my father left my life when I was four.
If you really knew me you would know I am alone in the world.
If you really knew me you would know I fake my image of a funny loving person.
If you really knew me you would know I hate most of my life.

Journal #6
A young kid trying to get stoned
Desperately looking for someone to care
On the first day of school to last I was blown
Just to comfort all his despair
An innocent young teen
Finds himself locked up before the age of fifteen
An innocent child discovers it’s not just a dream
Will he ever forget the pain that he’s seen?
He goes back to city to try and behave
And meets the one, his future wife
Who teaches him that there’s much more to this life
And that was the moment his life had been saved

Journal #7
Do you hear me shout your name?
Do you hear me scream in shame?
Do you here me cry in my sleep? Do you weep when I weep?
Do you feel bad when I get sad?
Do you even share some of my pain or is it all a game?
Do you even care?
Do you even hear?
I’m doubting if you feel. Do you feel?
This sadly is my shame but all the more your twisted gain.

Journal #8
An Innocent Lost Soul
A young child, at age seven
Looking for a home sent from Heaven.
On my first day of school I got lost on the way.
To comfort me, I find my place to stay.
An innocent boy caught on the edge.
I find myself lost and moving to the ledge.
An innocent man fighting for his life
Will I forget my feelings that night?
I go to the ultimate forbidden place
And meet the devil, face-to-face.
I learn about the evil people do.
Now comes the time I choose to go through.

Journal #9
A young man waiting to be found
Looking for help all around
On my first day
I got down
To comfort me I take a hit from the pipe
An innocent man locked up in a one man cell
I find myself cutting words on my arms
An innocent man waiting for his time to be up
Will I forget the pain I put my family through?
I go to school
With a smile but behind it their pain
I learned that I’m not the only one with pain
Now comes the time where I put my finger on the trigger
Now I’m a gangbanger thinking about my crimes knowing
That it’s never going to get better
The only thing I can do for now is hope to God
I’m not going to be the next victim

Journal #10
An innocent Cherokee girl
A young tan girl that’s funny and caring
Looking for her dad, but can’t find him anywhere
On my first day of school I’m lonely, lost and scared
To comfort me a pretty boy was there
An innocent Cherokee girl
I find myself ugly, small and helpless
An innocent Cherokee girl
Will I forget people love me always?
I go to church and meet a preacher
I learn about the Lord
Now comes the time to believe and have faith

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