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This blog was created to display some of the powerful writing being done by incarcerated youth. Participants currently include juvenile hall facilities in Siskiyou, El Dorado, Placer, Fresno, and Butte County. Students are given journal topics and asked to write what needs to be written. Several entries are handpicked from each classroom site and posted to the blog anonymously. Students at each site then read the material together, discussing the writing and connecting with others.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fiction 59 Entries!

Oroville Intensive School Based Program and Fresno Juvenile Hall
Writing Exchange
Each year, the Chico News and Review hosts a fictional writing contest that must be 59 words long: no more and no less! Several students from Fresno Juvenile Hall and Oroville Intensive School Based Treatment Program entered their writings in the contest. We decided to share all the writing entered from our programs in the exchange this month.

February 24, 2011

Entry #: 1
The Pig Wars
Once I had a magical pig during the pig wars. My pig was special; it could tell the future by copying his butt on a scanner. His rear said the war would be over in 2025. The pigs butt never told us who would win the wars: the humans or the oil mongers. The pigs turned against their masters.

Entry #: 2
Her Satisfaction
The divine aroma graced her nose. The vessel was filled with the godly elixir. She could feel the heat radiating from its contents. Her lungs filled with air and she released it onto the container. Gently, she raised it to her lips. The magnificent drink descended down her throat, giving a satisfying sense of nirvana to her dull morning.

Entry #:3

My eyes open and I’m pleading with pain. I’m trying to get up but I’m struggling. My heats thudding like a hammer on a nail. Someone’s yelling my name; it’s my mom. She’s crying and is now holding me in her arms. I try to tell her I love her but I can’t. I see the light now.

Entry #: 4
The Journey
The night sky was covered in dark clouds. My vision was obstructed by fog. Rain angrily emptied on me. I couldn’t separate my tears from the rain. My mind was racing; I couldn’t comprehend anything that was going through my head. My body was exhausted, ready to fall, but my pain fueled my soul and I pressed on.

Entry #: 5
Glad You’re Not Me
Henry walked through the doors glaring my way. As he sauntered by the counter he palmed the white mush. I got up too late, desperately looking for escape. By the time I reached the door I felt a sharp pain and was on the ground. I looked up and there was Henry, the malicious bully. His words still haunt me.

Entry #: 6
My heart pulsed tensely. I didn’t know what to do. It seemed like no matter what I did, it was pointless. But then, a bright light illuminated the darkness in my head. There was something I could do, but it wasn’t a sure thing. After a few uncertain moves, he finally gave me the chance. “Knight to E4: Checkmate.”

Entry #: 7
The Revolver with Only One Bullet
May screamed, “Tom has a gun, run!” Tom yelled, “Whichever one of you moves, I kill. I hate you all. You make fun, torturing me, and now who’s laughing? What’s wrong with you guys? Are you scared? Now you know how I feel. Who is going to die first?” The sound of gunfire only left Tom on the ground.

Entry #: 9

The Judgment
Once there was a small but fragile dragon named James Justice. He thought he was doing good until he figured out he was being deceived. He went before the sludge judges and told the truth but he was already framed. After lying on his back for what seemed like eternity, he broke out by breathing ice on the ceiling.

Entry #: 10
Who I am
My name is Henry McIntyre. I’m often from Glasgow, Scotland. My favorite color is green and I wear a kilt with no underwear. On Tuesday nights, I stand on my porch and flash my neighbors as they walk by. I do many manly tasks. I often go and chop down trees, seeing how far I can toss them.

Entry #: 11

I’m walking in the dark, not caring about living, but I’m getting chills from thinking about dying .I’m still walking, calling out my mothers name. I see her, but she doesn’t notice me; she’s crying because she has to let go. I’m not there anymore. I awaken in a pit of darkness, but I’m not alive. I’m gone…forever!

Entry #: 12
The race is on. Time is moving too fast, day by day. The race is over on February 24, 2011. So many men and women entering to win, but only one will emerge victorious. 59 is the magic number. To win you must fight a dragon, win the race, and travel the world 59 times. Then you will prevail.

Entry #: 13

“One, two, three.” All I hear is my dumb ass sister hollering and knocking on the door. I wish she would shut up, but it will not happen. Perhaps soon she will quiet down when 2012 comes and everybody is dead. Volcanoes will go off and earthquakes will shake the ground we walked on. Let her rest in peace.

Entry #: 14

I was lost in the Devil’s deceitful darkness, under the delusion that I was having fun. But I soon realized that I was miserable and I wanted to change. So I got on my knees and begged God to help me break free from these chains of sin. God said to me, “Have faith and you will be free.”

Entry #: 15
Time to Wrestle
Dynamite David had immortal enemies, including Killer Keith who liked to wrestle dirty. Killer would always win, but he had never met Dynamite David. He could take down ten bulls. Hearing about Wrestle Mania, he frantically traveled ten days straight to get to Japan. As he entered, Dynamite’s standing was on top. Ten minutes later, their match would begin.

Entry #: 16
I live a life full of pain. I was shot when I was twelve, got into a car accident when I was fifteen, and lost my grandfather at fourteen. I have struggled. At eleven I was fighting, smoking, stealing, and disrespecting my mom. Now I’m locked up. Regretting everything I have done, wishing I could change.

Entry #: 17

At one point there was a kid that didn’t listen to his parents. He was always up to no good. He would steal, lie, and rob people just to get high. Then one day he stole a lot from a store. He took everything he stole to the dealer. Then he was hit by a car. He learned.

Entry #: 18
Just Business
I stood near the edge of the sidewalk, as I did every time. Lustful men frequently approached me and requested my services. When I was young, I’d go home every night and cry myself to sleep over what I had done. As time passed it got a little easier. I wish I could stop, but there’s no way out.

Entry #: 19
I had a wonderful life when I was born but since I got older it was messed up. I caught my dad cheating on my mom with my friends mom. I started using drugs when I was twelve. I got a DUI when I was fifteen and got on probation. I'm locked up for choosing drugs over my family!

Entry #: 20

There was this little cute gummy bear. It was green and moldy. I ate it… That was the most disgusting thing ever! Then I got the bad cramps and I hated it. Then people started to tell me “Sarah, your belly is getting huge!’’ I looked down and saw it growing and growing and growing until it turned blue.

Entry #: 21
I feel like these walls are eating me alive. But I’ve got to survive. I am trying to find my place, but there is no space for my race. As I walk in the cell everybody looks at my face. They are quick to judge, and always have something to say. But they will never get in my way.

Entry #: 22
Flamboyant Advocacy
“Jason is just a *** anyway.”
“I’m sick of that talk. You know what they say about homophobes, right?”
“**** off, you know what they say about rainbow advocates?”
“I am not gay, I am just incredibly flamboyant.”
“Well at least part of that statement is true.”
“Stop the hate. Jason is a better friend than you’ll ever be.”

Entry #:23

Faith is a party girl. She loves going out every weekend. One day Faith got so wasted Faith couldn’t drive home. Her friends told her they would drive her car and take her home. The very next day she woke up not remembering what happened. She noticed her car missing so she called 911 and stopped partying that day.

Entry #: 24
Where you at Dawg?
I walked down the street helplessly looking for her. She was no where to be found, so I called her just wanting to know if she was okay. I walked down to the place she always goes when she wants to flirt, by the old oak tree at the park. Then I spotted her, “Come here Sadie. Bad dog!”

Entry #: 25
Light it! Don’t be a sissy; light that mother and let’s get out.
William held a Bic in his right hand and knew all too well the outcome was painfully dangerous. Quickly, on the next opportunity, he ignited the lighter and drew it close to his body. Awww! With singed hairs, he sat quickly back on the bed.

Entry #: 26

Met some friends. Started having “fun”. I’m drinking; everything is a blur. Wake up, it’s cold. I don’t know where I’m at or what I did. I start getting flashbacks little by little. I remember. I got drunk, fought a kid, he called the cops. Now I’m wondering if it was worth it just to have fun. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

Entry #: 27
Jack the Runaway Rabbit
Jack the rabbit ran from the police. He was found near the destiny mirror.
When they got to him they saw it was a fake. He slipped away to the Safety Forest. The rabbit was seen near the fire-fly palace. When they got there he was gone; he wasn’t seen for three weeks. He was never found again.

Entry #: 28
It is coming. I can see the animal. It’s not even twenty yards away. Can I run? No, it will find me. Can I fight? No, I should not go to violence. The law can’t help me, can they? Too late, I’ll run. If I can make it to the neighbors, I’ll be safe. “Hey William, come back here.”

Entry #: 29
I took a deep breath, my evil cousin bringing ridiculous thoughts to my brain, “You can’t do it.” I paced myself quietly up and down the white long hallways. With sweat streaming down my face, heart racing rapidly, and my face cherry red, I walked up to challenge my match that everyone doubted upon me, “Will you marry me?”

Entry #: 30

It was dark and stormy outside and I went down stairs and scared my dad. He was so frightened it was like a fat guy holding onto a doughnut. He said “I wasn’t scared I was shocked!” I said “Ok, that’s why you jumped ten feet in the air. Goodnight everyone and everything. Wait, where’s the light?

Entry #: 31
The chamber was a bored out 44mm. A blank piece of wood was set up in a distance about thirty feet out. The barrel was twelve inches long with rifling in the chamber. I pulled the hammer back and pulled the trigger, “bang!” The bullet descended down the range toward the target. “Smash,” nothing left but my next target.

Entry #: 32

“911, can I help you?” “Yes, someone just shot my mom!” Kim didn’t know what to do. She was sitting in the hospital waiting for five hours without news, not even realizing it was her birthday. The doors swung open, “How’s my mom?” she asked. “I’m sorry but she didn’t make it. Her last words were ‘Happy birthday, Kim.’”

Entry #: 33

Lost with nowhere to turn, Jay knew finally she had hit rock bottom. Struggling to release herself from the fatal grips of drug addiction, Jay thought of the consequences becoming sober held. Everyday that she tried to turn her life around, she felt as if she would be walking away from herself. Ultimately, the choice was hers….

Entry #: 34

The smell of colorless snow fills my snout as I remember those plains from my never ending nightmare of a dream. It haunts me like a book and when it’s open. The words seem to graze my fur. I stand in my room thinking about this never ending dream or should I say nightmare of those snow-white plains.

Entry #: 35

I awoke to my phone ringing; I picked the phone up then looked at my watch, “Three A.M. Who the hell would be calling at this time of night, or morning?”
“Hello Jonson I need you at my office!” the Director of the F.B.I. said.
“Can’t it wait” I replied.
“No its important. Do not argue,” said the director.

Entry #: 36

One day Zack was in class doing his work and every five minutes his phone went off. He did not want to check it, but hours later he reluctantly checked the text and it was Matt and his sister. She got hit by a car so Matt and Zack went to the club and then unfortunately, Zack woke up.

Entry #: 37
Picture Perfect
Grinning through his puckered brow, Pedro was certain he had won yet again. “You are free to go, but I advise you keep your nose clean Navarro. I’m watching you.” Pedro stood to have his handcuffs removed for the third time in less than a year. Nevertheless, he wondered how long the captain’s photos would continue to free him.

Entry #: 38

I know who you are, I know where you live, and I also know where you sleep. I know what you are doing at every time of the day and you should know that because I am god thee all mighty. I am the king of kings, the greatest of all the great. That’s because I am Chuck Norris.

Entry #: 39

I hit the lotto. I won fifty million dollars. I am finally a millionaire. I couldn’t believe it when I heard my wining numbers. I jumped up and yelled, “Getting cake like everyday’s my birthday ay.” I went to the stores and went on a shopping extravaganza. I purchased a purple Lexis. That’s when I woke up, damn!

Entry #: 40

I was walking down the sidewalk listening to my CD player on one of the most beautiful days of the year. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in a blissful dream. Suddenly, I woke up lying in a hospital bed with my whole body covered with blood. I wondered what had happened to me.

Entry #: 41
Lost Woods
These woods are so annoying no matter how far I go, left or right, up or down. I always end up back at the start. Just to run through those woods once more, over and over only to awaken up in my room with my mother telling me to get up and get ready for school from my dreams.

Entry #: 42

I knew a girl from a distant land. A land where gumdrops grew on trees and lollipops grew in bushes. A land where candy canes sprouted from the ground. The rivers flowed with fruit punch. Gummy worms were found in the chocolate soil. Everything was so precious and dear. Now she speaks of darkness and pain anguish and rain.

Entry #: 43

Where could it be? Melissa screamed! She searched endlessly and still couldn’t find her notebook. It wasn’t just any notebook; it had all her dark secrets including those about a boy named James. She searched her locker and still no notebook. “Here’s your book,” James said with a smirk. Melissa wondered if he read it or not!!!

Entry #: 44

“This place, what is it?”
“Shadow Moses is the governmental base used by the Geonime Army. They built Metal Gear Rex. Your mission is to find out anything about the incident five years ago on this base. Can you do it Dragoon?”
“Yes Sir, I’ll do my best to complete my mission to find M.G Rex and destroy it.”

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